Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality

Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality

Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality. Hey friends, how are you all? Today I will share all the details about Common Chaffinch birds, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality. The common chaffinch bird is a small bird of the finch family. This bird is very attractive and beautiful. So friends, without wasting time, let’s get started with our topic.

Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, Eggs, And Personality.

Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality

Other Names.

Like other finches, chaffinches also have many different names like Chaffinch, European Chaffinch, Eurasian Chaffinch, pahirini. The scientific name of chaffinch is Fringilla coelebs.


Chaffinch habitat to subalpine, shrubland, farmlands, Open woodland, indigenous forests, orchards. It is found across most European countries like Lake Baikal, Siberia, the Madeira Islands, the Canary Islands, temperate Asia, northwest Africa, south of the Azores. This finch bird is Introduced in the nineteenth century to New Zealand and South Africa.

Care And Health Issues.

If you are a chaffinch pet holder, you must care about these things, like providing them freshwater supplies for bathing. Trim their nails and beaks occasionally. This finch species is easy to care for. But this bird is susceptible to parasitic infection, which is caused by Trichomonas gallinae. There is another disease Development of tumors, which is caused by papillomavirus. This disease is also seen on their feet and legs. It is best to take your chaffinch pet bird to a vet every 2-3 months to keep it in good shape.


The common chaffinch song is impressive and mesmerizing. The characteristics of their song are “vink” or “fink” sounding call. The male common chaffinch can sing 2 to 3 types of songs. Their songs, calls, and sounds are different depending on their mood. Even their songs and calls are different according to their locations.


In the wild, A chaffinch female builds its nest, which looks like a deep cup. But if you are a pet holder, you can provide some nesting materials like wool, feathers, grass, and thin roots. In the wild, female chaffinch makes their nest, usually in a fork of a tree.

Eggs And Breeding Season.

The common Chaffinch eggs are smooth, glossy, and light blue with purple-brown blotches. The size of the egg is 20 mm by 15 mm in size. The breeding season of chaffinch starts at the end of april. The clutch size is typically four or five eggs. Their eggs were hatch in about 13 to 14 days. Both males and females do the job of incubating the eggs. Both males and females feed the chaffinch babies.


In the wild common chaffinch diet is Predominantly seeds of thistle, dandelion, rimu, beeches, chickweed, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, flies, moths. As a pet, it’s your job to

Provide your pet bird with plenty of green food, mixed millets, and live food. You have to be more careful about food when the chaffinch breeding season starts. Regularly you can provide your bird with egg food, chickweed, spray millets, freshwater, lettuce, and spinach.


This finch bird is a permanent resident of warmer parts like they mostly live in the Eurasian range. On the other hand, populations that breed in colder areas are migratory. In this finch species, females alone migrate to warmer regions in the winter season, But males stay behind even in the winter.

Chaffinch Colors And Markings.

This bird is attractive and beautiful. Like the zebra finch, chaffinches are also easy to differentiate in male and female due to their colors. Male chaffinch has dark gray central tail feathers, black flight feathers, Black forehead, light olive-green rump, and white portions at the vanes’ base. On the other hand, Female finch has a Gray-brown head and upperparts, pale olive green rump and lower back, paler underparts, tails, and wings similar to the males.

Final Words.

So, friends, I hope you will enjoy our article Common Chaffinch Song, Habitat, Nesting, And Personality. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please give us your feedback in the comment.

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